Ceramic Brakes: Are they needed?

We do love making our wish list car specification and one of those choice on a specification list of a supercar is that of ceramic brakes. Like all specifications of cars, most a personal choices, especially when it comes to the car’s aesthetics. How about performance though? Just imagine for an instance that money was no object, most of us would buy the car they want with the top spec of every option possible. Yes?

With money not being a concern, it is probable that the option for carbon ceramic brakes would be ticked. Why? Simply because they are a more superior brake. They are lighter which improves the overall weight of the supercar. Carbon ceramic brake almost completely resit fade and the often look much better too. The brakes also fill a while and they are pure engineering bliss. These days every Ferrari comes out the factory with carbon ceramic brakes. Credit to Nicole Engelmann for the photos and her work as a London event photographer.

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