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Top Food Photography Props for Amazing Photographs

When it comes to implementing perfect food photography, it is all about telling the right story by setting the right scene. If you wish your apple pie or honey baked ham to make your Instagram followers all drool over the recipe, then it is important to follow some basic food photography principles. One of the most important aspects that you need to consider while expecting excellent food photography Sydney is the use of some amazing, interesting props that could amplify the overall images naturally.

In the field of food photography, it is worth acquiring some beautiful, versatile pieces to keep around the food items or recipes. These staples will only add more meaning to your entire food photography shoot and will enhance the final images to a greater extent. If you are looking for effective ways to boost your food photography skills, then here are some amazing props that you can consider making use of:

  • Neutral, Solid Serving Items: When you wish to achieve excellence in food photography, simplicity is the key. A simple white dinner plate, a plain silver platter, and a beige soup bowl –these basic serving items could mean a lot towards uplifting your food photography session. These stapes are vital as these served to be both versatile and do not appear distracting by any means.


As a food photographer, you will wish to make use of things that can be utilized over & again. You might also consider keeping things simple & neutral such that the surroundings of the dish do not challenge the food item that is being focused on. Look for the serving items that can be used for displaying a variety of food items and are easy to work with.


  • An Amazing Cutting Board: Though it is highly tempting to shoot the finished food, it is equally important to pay attention to the preparatory or cooking phase. The viewers out there like to see food in action through the lenses of the professional food photographers. As such, a classic wooden cutting board serves to be a vital neutral surface adding an element of change or movement to your food photography skills. You can try propping your during-the-work food items with a modern knife & you are in for some classic shots.


  • Food Basics: Sunflower seeds, herbs, pepper, flour –these are some of the food extras that can serve to be great props themselves. You can stock your food photography table or inventory with some of the edibles & seasonings that can transform an otherwise textureless or bland food come to life instantly. To top it all, these items or natural props are immensely inexpensive and can help in adding a lot of intrigue to what could have turned out to be quite plain-looking.


Look out for the best props available out there for making your food photography skills a masterpiece. These props can boost the overall appearance of your food photography naturally! Want more top tips from a professional photographer – visit Matt Heath Photography – website.

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Top Wedding Photography Mistakes to Avoid

Most couples out there are not adept at hiring the best wedding photographers when they set out on their journey of the overall wedding process planning. Unfortunately, it must be noted that hiring a reliable and experienced wedding photographer Essex must be on your topmost priority list. Wedding photographs are something to cherish over for a lifetime. Therefore, you must make sure that you stay away from making some of the common wedding photography mistakes that could ruin your special day.

Here are some of the common mistakes that you must look out for:

  • Not Signing Any Wedding Photography Contract: The first & foremost thing that you need to ensure is that you must sign out a proper wedding photography contract with the wedding photographer. Not having a duly signed and agreed contract might end up creating a lot of mess in the long run. The time that you might be committing to meetings, pre-wedding photo shoots, and almost everything with respect to your wedding photography must happen under the provisions of a proper contract with the particular wedding photographer.


  • Not Finalizing the Poses: When it comes to the picture-perfect wedding photographs, there are certain poses that must be separated out for bringing up an excellent wedding album. There can be no random clicks for capturing the special moments of the bride & the groom. Not deciding upon the proper wedding photography poses ahead of time could create several disagreements and conflicts. To avoid the same, you must decide on the perfect poses with your partner to help the wedding photographer with.


  • Missing Out the Firsts: The weddings tend to have several “firsts” –the first kiss, the first walk, the first look, and much more. You would definitely not like to miss out on those special “first-times” with your partner. Therefore, when you avail services from a professional wedding photographer, you must emphasize getting these firsts captured intimately and properly. Missing your firsts could cost you several special moments in the long run that you might regret later on.


  • Not Knowing the Guests: On a wedding, you can expect several guests coming up. It is important to familiarize with them in order to bring out the best, natural expressions in the photographs. When you are aware of the guests, you are able to pose perfectly and give your best, natural looks during the photography session. This is immensely useful when you are going for getting group photographs clicked with a lot of guests.


  • Not Looking for Professionalism: When you step up for hiring the wedding photographer, you should never ignore the level of expertise and professionalism he or she possesses. Your wedding is going to be the most special day of your entire life. Therefore, you should leave no stone unturned towards making it even more special. Hire the best and the most reliable wedding photographer who is able to bring out the best in every shot.


Avail top-notch wedding photography services now!

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Wedding Dress Photography?

Not exactly something that I am particularly interested in or do very often…well…never really. That is take photos of a wedding dress or a bride in a wedding dress. This was carried out as a favour because she is a friend, but also because if she got a certain amount of media exposure she would get the dress at a significantly reduced price apparently. The company who did the deal with her are quite well known in the wedding world and offer many dresses such as wedding dresses, ball gowns, prom dresses and so on. So without further to do, here are some of the snaps. When it comes to photography and optimising that for seo – photography and optimising that for seo.

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Wedding Car Hire in Fife by Car Seekers – Car Snaps

I was recently with a friend up in Scotland who owns a wedding car hire Fife business and thought why not take a few snaps of the cars he has to offer. They are of the highest standard, exceptionally well maintained and meticulously valeted on a frequent basis. Usually, all photographers will have to do the odd touch up and editing of photos to make them look perfect, especially with cars paintwork. But in the case of Car Seekers, this genuinely was not the case. The cars are outstanding and he definitely delivers for all the couples on their special day.

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Ceramic Brakes: Are they needed?

We do love making our wish list car specification and one of those choice on a specification list of a supercar is that of ceramic brakes. Like all specifications of cars, most a personal choices, especially when it comes to the car’s aesthetics. How about performance though? Just imagine for an instance that money was no object, most of us would buy the car they want with the top spec of every option possible. Yes?

With money not being a concern, it is probable that the option for carbon ceramic brakes would be ticked. Why? Simply because they are a more superior brake. They are lighter which improves the overall weight of the supercar. Carbon ceramic brake almost completely resit fade and the often look much better too. The brakes also fill a while and they are pure engineering bliss. These days every Ferrari comes out the factory with carbon ceramic brakes. Credit to Nicole Engelmann for the photos and her work as a London event photographer.

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